About Marion

A strong taste for adventure and discovery has always been my motor! Choosing the “roads less traveled” has led me to live in various countries until 2000 (the U.K., Germany, the French Caribbean and the U.S.A.) — and even to travel transatlantic from France to the Carribean — working on a large sailboat!

After coming back to the “Provence of my teenage years”, I committed myself to assisting the international community by helping them to manage their property in Provence and to develop their projects. My cosmopolitan life, work experience and sensitivity have led me to be proficient in dealing with the challenges faced in multilingual and multicultural living. My personal and professional background naturally guided me to help second-home owners lighten their daily life by managing their property, house staff, administrative procedures and to participate in the development of their projects in Provence.

I have also had the opportunity to coordinate and organize private cultural events. These various experiences have contributed to building an eclectic and trusting network in the region, which I gladly rely on according to the missions assigned.

Developing In Flight has been a great experience and has allowed me to create constructive and rich connections between French culture and the international community since 2003.