About Marion


I lived as an expatriate myself in various countries until 2000 (the U.K. Germany, the French Caribbean and the U.S.A.). My international life and work experience has led me to be proficient in dealing with the challenges faced in multilingual and multicultural living. My goal is to help my clients relocate and live in Provence as smoothly as possible, and to assist them in managing and developing their projects there. I help facilitate my clients’ daily life by taking on administrative tasks, staff supervision and personal projects management in France.


I have also had the opportunity to produce several theatrical projects in both French and English with the Studio Theatral du Luberon. As the executive producer of this non-profit organization, I have created an eclectic multidisciplinary network in the region.

In Flight is a great experience that allows me to create a constructive and rich connexion between French culture and the expatriates I have been assisting for over 13 years.